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The Australian Institute of Alpine Studies is an umbrella organisation for alpine researchers of all disciplines. The Institute has no permanent geographic location other than a secretariat with the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service in Jindabyne. The Institute concentrates on the area in which the vegetation and soils are distinctly ‘high mountain’ in character. This is the area encompassing the alpine (above treeline) and subalpine zones (which extend to about 300m below the Australian treeline).

The Institute was first suggested at a meeting of scientists at Charlottes Pass. It was launched at the Global Threats conference held between Feb 17-19 1998 and has grown to a membership of over 120. The aims as originally set out have been well and truly met. Originally we planned a biennial meeting but in fact in the ten years to date we have held a meeting each year in locations such as Canberra, Jindabyne, Falls Creek, Melbourne and Hobart. In addition, the ten years has seen the production of 20 newsletters and the publication of the 148 page “Biodiversity in the Snowy Mountains” in 2002.

Regular newsletters will be sent out to Institute members. Up-to-date information on current research, both here and overseas, full contact information with research interests of all members, and information on relevant conferences and publications are available on the web site.

The aims of the Australian Institute of Alpine Studies are:

Membership to the Institute is open to all who are actively involved or interested in alpine research. To register please fill in the subscription form or contact: Dr Ken Green.

The Australian Alps national parks are overseen by a special committee of management - the Australian Alps Liaison Committee. Their vision is to:

"Pursue cooperative management and protection of the Australian Alps as a whole ecosystem whilst providing opportunities for public enjoyment of the Alps."

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