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School of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Tasmania, Private Bag 78, Hobart TAS 7001, Australia, Tel: (03) 6226 2837, Fax: (03) 6226 2989, Mob: 0427 846050

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Bridle, K.L. and Kirkpatrick, J.B., (1999) The comparative effects of stock and wild vertebrate herbivore grazing on treeless subalpine vegetation, Eastern Central Plateau, Tasmania. Australian Journal of Botany 47, 817-834.

Kirkpatrick, J.B. and Bridle, K.L., (1999) Environment and floristics of ten Australian alpine vegetation formations. Australian Journal of Botany 47, 1-21.

Kirkpatrick, J.B. and Bridle, K.L., (1998) Environmental relationships of floristic variation in the alpine vegetation of southeast Australia. Journal of Vegetation Science 9, 251-260.

Bridle, K.L. and Kirkpatrick, J.B., (1998) Why do tall herbs rarely dominate Tasmanian alpine vegetation? Evidence from islands in the Ouse River system. Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania 132, 9-14.

Bridle, K.L. and Kirkpatrick, J.B., (1997) Local environmental correlated of variability in the organic soils of moorland and alpine vegetation, Mt Sprent, Tasmania. Australian Journal of Ecology 22, 196-205.

Kirkpatrick, J.B., Nunez, M., Bridle, K.L. and Chladil, M.A., (1996) Explaining a sharp transition from sedgeland to alpine vegetation on Mount Sprent, southwest Tasmania. Journal of Vegetation Science 7, 763-768.

Kirkpatrick, J.B. and Bridle, K.L. The roles of parent material, climate, topography and vegetation in influencing soil characteristics in the Australian alpine zone. Submitted to Arctic and Alpine Research December 1999.

Bridle, K.L., Kirkpatrick, J.B., Cullen, P. and Shepherd R.R. Recovery in alpine heath and grassland following burning and grazing, Eastern Central Plateau, Tasmania, Australia. Submitted to Arctic and Alpine Research, September 1999.

Bridle, K.L. and Kirkpatrick, J.B. Impacts of grazing by vertebrate herbivores on tall alpine herbs, Eastern Central Plateau, Tasmania. Re-submitted to Australian Journal of Botany, July 1999.

current research or projects

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