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Research School of Biology, Building 46, Sullivans Creek Rd, Australian National University, Acton ACT 0200, Australia, Tel: (02) 6125 0606, Fax: (02) 6125 5095

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O’Sullivan OS, Weerasinghe KWLK, Evans JR, Egerton JJG, Tjoelker MG and Atkin OK. 2013. High-resolution temperature responses of leaf respiration in snow gum (Eucalyptus pauciflora) reveal high-temperature limits to respiratory function. Plant, Cell and Environment, 36: 1268-1284.

Choat B, Medek DE, Stuart SA, Pasquet-Kok J, Egerton JJG, Salari H, Sack L and Ball MC. 2011. Xylem traits mediate a trade-off between resistance to freeze/thaw-induced embolism and photosynthetic capacity in overwintering evergreens. New Phytologist, 191: 996-1005.

Ball MC, Harris-Pascal D, Egerton JJG and Lenné T. 2011. The paradoxical increase in freezing injury in a warming climate: frost as a driver of change in cold climate vegetation. In: Nature at risk: temperature adaptation in a changing climate. KK Tanino and K Storey (eds). pp 179-185. CABI Press, Wallingsford, UK.

Loveys BR, Egerton JJG, Bruhn D and Ball MC. 2010. Disturbance is required for CO2-dependent promotion of woody plant growth in grasslands. Functional Plant Biology, 37: 555-565.

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Ball, MC, Egerton, JJG, Leuning, R, Cunningham, RB, and Dunne, PJ. 1997. Microclimate above grass adversely affects spring growth of seedling snow gum (Eucalyptus pauciflora). Plant, Cell and Environment, 20: 155-166.

Egerton, JJG. 1996. Tree planting in cold climates: lessons from fundamental research. Australian Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 9: 37-42.

Egerton, JJG and Wilson, SD. 1993. Plant competition over winter in alpine shrubland and grassland. Arctic and Alpine Research, 25: 124-129.

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