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Richard Greene



Australian National University



contact details

Dept of Geography, School of Resource & Environmental Management, Australian National University, Canberra ACT 0200, Australia, Tel: (02) 6249 3822, Fax: (02) 6249 3770

research interests


A full list of publications is available to be downloaded as PDF or a word doc.

current research or projects

Rehabilitation of minesites and alpine ecosystems: at Woodlawn mine, I co-supervised a project using biosolids to stabilise topsoil used on rock dumps. I am currently supervising two research projects in the Kosciuszko National Park related to rehabilitating alpine ecosystems that have been degraded as a result of overgrazing and tourist impacts:

Stuart Johnson, PHD student - 'Factors affecting soil physical, chemical and biological properties in alpine humus soils and their effects on ecosystem dynamics in KNP'

Peter Arkle, Honours student - 'Tourism in the Summit area of Mt Kosciuszko: an assessment of visitor interaction and impact'

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