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Dr David Happold



Emeritus Fellow, Australian National University



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Division of Botany & Zoology, Australian National University, Canberra ACT 2612, Australia, Tel: (02) 6249 3231, Fax: (02) 6249 5573

research interests


Dickman, C R, Green K, Carron P L, Happold D C D & Osborne W S (1983) 'Coexistence, convergence and competitionamong Antechinus (Marsupialia) in the Australian high country', Proc. Ecol. Sci. Aust. 12: 79-99.

Happold D C D (1989) 'The Value of faecal pellets for ascertaining the presence of Mastacomys fuscus in field surveys', Victorian Naturalist 106: 41-43.

Happold, D C D (1989)'Small mammals of the Australian Alps', In: The Scientific significance of the Australian Alps. Australian Academy of Science and NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service (ed. R. Good), pp. 221-239.

Carron P L, Happold D C D, & Bubela T M (1990) 'The Diet of two subalpine small rodents, Mastacomys fuscus and Rattus fuscipes', Aust. Wildl. Res. 17: 479-489.

Bubela T M, Happold D C D, & Broome L (1991) 'Home range and activity of the Broad-toothed Rat, Mastacomys fuscus, in subalpine heathland', Wild. Res. 18: 39-48.

Happold D C D (1995) 'The Broad-toothed Rat, Mastacomys fusfus', In: The Mammals of Australia [2nd ed.] (Ed. R. Strahan) Reed/Australian Museum, pp.562-564.

Happold D C D (1998) 'The Subalpine climate at Smiggin Holes, Kosciuszko National Park, Australia, and its influence on the biology of small mammals, Artic and Alpine Research 30: 241-251.

current research or projects

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