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Frith Jarrad



Queensland University of Technology (QUT)



contact details

School of Mathematical Sciences, QUT, Gardens Point Campus, Brisbane

research interests


Jarrad, F. C. (2008) Impacts of climate change and fire on subalpine open-heathlands on the Bogong High Plains. PhD Thesis, University of Melbourne, Melbourne.

Jarrad, F. C., Wahren, C.-H., Williams, R. J. & Burgman, M. A. (2008) Impacts of experimental warming and fire on phenology of subalpine open-heath species. Australian Journal of Botany, 56, 617-629.

current research or projects

Current research with QUT is island conservation and invasive species ecology, specifically, biosecurity surveillance of nonindigenous species. I am still writting up papers from my thesis on apline plant ecology and climate change.

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