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Evolution, Ecoloy and Genetics, Building 116, Research School of Biology, The Australian National University, Canberra ACT 0200, Australia, Tel: (02) 6125 9763, Fax: (02) 6125 5573

research interests


Nicotra, A.B., Atkin, O.K., Bonser, S.P., Davidson, A., Finnegan, E.J., Mathesius, U., Poot, P., Purugganan, M.D., Richards, C.L., Valladares, F., van Kleunen, M. (in press). Plant phenotypic plasticity in a changing climate Trends in Plant Science.

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Alcorn PJ, Pyttel P, Bauhus J, Smith RGB, Thomas D, James R, Nicotra A. (2007). Effects of initial planting density on branch development in 4-year-old plantation grown eucalyptus pilularis and eucalyptus cloeziana trees. Forest Ecology and Management 252(1-3): 41-51.

current research or projects

We are currently investigating how climate change will affect the reproductive ecology and demography of Australian alpine flora. Our approach places particular emphasis on maternal or cross-generational effects on viability and offspring success. We will also develop state-of-the-art seed banking methods, based on germination, dormancy and longevity studies, for conservation of alpine seeds in seed banks and botanic gardens. Work to date has focussed on: determining germination requirements and the presence of physiological dormancy for a broad range of alpine species, assessing the soil seed back for alpine species, and assessing changes in vegetative and reproductive traits along altitudinal gradients.

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