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University of Melbourne



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Bio 21 Institute, 30 Flemington Road, University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC 3010, Australia, Mob: 0400355034

research interests


Slatyer, R. A., Nash, M. A., Hoffmann, A. A. (2015) Scale-dependent thermal tolerance variation in Australian mountain grasshoppers, Ecography 38, 001-011.

Endo, Y., Nash, M.A., Hoffmann, A.A., Slatyer, R.A., Miller, A.D. (2015) Comparative phylogeography of alpine invertebrates indicates deep lineage diversification and historical refugia in the Australian Alps, Journal of Biogeography 42, 89-102.

Slatyer, R. A. (2015) Geographic range and the mountain niche: ecology, adaptation and environmental change. PhD Thesis. University of Melbourne.

Slatyer, R. A., Nash, M. A., Miller, A. D., Endo, Y., Umbers, D. L., Hoffmann, A.A. (2014) Strong genetic structure corresponds to small-scale geographic breaks in the Australian alpine grasshopper Kosciuscola tristis, BMC Evolutionary Biology 14, 204.

Slatyer, R.A., Hirst, M., Sexton, J.P. (2013) Niche breadth predicts range size: a general ecological pattern, Ecology Letters, 16:1104-1114

Slatyer, R.A., Jennions, M.D., Backwell, P.R.Y. (2012) Polyandry occurs because females initially trade sex for protection, Animal Behaviour, 83:1203-1206

Slatyer, R.A., Mautz, B., Backwell, P.R.Y., & Jennions, M.D. (2012) Estimating the genetic benefits of cryptic female choice: a meta-analysis of polyandry experiments, Biological Reviews, 87: 1-33

Slatyer, R.S. (2010) Climate change impacts on Australia’s alpine ecosystems, ANU Undergraduate Research Journal, 2: 81-98

Slatyer, R.A., Fok, E.S.Y., Hocking, R. & Backwell, P.R.Y. (2008) Why do fiddler crabs build chimneys, Biology Letters, 4(6): 616-618

current research or projects

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