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Dr Jane Wasley



Australian Antarctic Division



contact details

77 Marlyn Road, South Hobart TAS 7004, Australia, Tel: (03) 6224 0605, Mob: 0428505592

research interests


Robinson, S.S., Wasley, J., Popp, M. and Lovelock, C.E. (2000). Desiccation tolerance of three mass species from continental Antarctica. Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 27: 379-388

Robinson, S.S., Wasley, J., and Tobin, A.K. (2003). Living on the edge - plants and global change in continental and maritime Antarctica. Global Change Biology 9: 1681-1717

Wasley, J., Robinson, S.A., Lovelock, C.L. and Popp, M. (submitted). Climate change manipulations show Antarctic flora. Global Change Biology

current research or projects

Effect of climate change on Antarctic terrestrial communities

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