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CSIRO Atmospheric Research, PO Box 1, Aspendale VIC 3195, Australia, Tel: (03) 9239 4535, Fax: (03) 9239 4444

research interests


Whetton, P H (1998) Climate change impacts on the spatial extent of snow-cover in the Australian Alps, In: Snow: a natural history; an uncertain future, Green, K (ed.), Canberra, AALC, pp. 195-206

Schreider, S Y, Jakeman, A J, Whetton, P H & Pittock, A B (1997) Estimation of climate impact on water availability and extreme events for snow-free and snow-affected catchments of the Murray-Darling Basin, Australian Journal of Water Resources, 2(1): 35-46

Schreider, S Y, Whetton, P H, Jakeman, A J & Pittock, A B (1997) Runoff modelling for snow-affected catchments in the Australian alpine region, eastern Victoria, Journal of Hydrology, 200(1-4): 1-23

Whetton, P H, Haylock, M R & Galloway, R (1996) Climate change and snow-cover duration in the Australian Alps, Climate Change, 32(4): 447-479

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