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The Australian Institute of Alpine Studies maintains its identity in cyberspace via a homesite on the web. This site is updated regularly and there is a monthly email update on what is happening in the alpine community. Regular newsletters have been discontinued and replaced with a more frequent email update. Membership is open to all who are actively involved or interested in alpine research.

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No. 1 Feburary
No. 2 May
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No.9 August

No. 10 January (PDF, 127Kb)
No. 11 July (PDF, 298Kb)
No. 12 February (PDF, 814Kb)
No. 13 June (PDF, 536Kb)
No. 14 December (PDF, 1Mb)
No. 15 June (PDF, 1.8Mb)

No. 16 March (PDF, 779Kb)
No. 17 August (PDF, 1.5Mb)
No. 18 March (pdf, 685Kb)
No. 19 February (pdf, 2.3Mb)
No. 20 August (pdf, 929Kb)
No. 21 August (pdf, 612Kb)

July (pdf)
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Newsletters edited by Ken Green.

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