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Bushfires 2003

David Scott, 3 Feb 2003 - Namadgi NP Historic Places

The fires have burnt out ~95% of Namadgi (95,000+ ha of 106,000ha). The only unburnt area is a strip between Naas Creek/River and the border inclusive of Sentry Box Hill thru to Mt Clear.

Low intensity fires are still burning on the ridgeline between the Gudgenby Valley and Naas Creek (Bobeyan) Valley, however these are within containment lines and subject to a major deterioration in weather conditions are expected to burn themselves out in the near future.

The following historic sites within Namadgi have been CONFIRMED LOST:

The following historic sites across Namadgi have been ASCERTAINED AS SAVED
(patchy information thru a range of sources):

The CONDITION IS UNKNOWN for the following historic sites:

Condition as Follows for the following facilities across Namadgi,
Tidbinbilla & Murrumbidgee River Corridor

CONFIRMED LOST or Badly Damaged:



Information on the unknown status places will be provided as information comes in.

There are major safety issues from dead and damaged trees overhanging roads throughout the reserves & Forestry lands, and the presence of asbestos and arsenic compounds (from burnt treated pine)around damaged sites. Therefore public access is likely to be restricted for some weeks yet.

David Scott
Environment ACT Recovery Team

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