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Bushfires 2003

Ken Green, 15 Feb 2003 - Kosciuszko NP, New South Wales

Hello all.

I am just taking a day off from fire-related activities, a chance to catch up with emails etc.

Just concentrating on the high mountain Alpine areas.

The alpine areas of the Kerries and Rolling Grounds look to have been about 50% burnt. I will be on the ground in the Kerries tomorrow.

On the Main Range the area between Tait East and Mt. Twynam down to the Snowy River looks to have been about 30% burnt. 10-15 hectares at Blue Lake (mainly heath) burnt and there are a couple of patches above Blue Lake of lounge-room size that have burnt.

The western fall has almost completely burnt up through the woodland and heath and then petered out on ridges of herbfield. It has burnt over the ridge between Twynam and Carruthers with areas of feldmark and herbfield burnt before the fire ran out of steam. (I took a look at this the other day with AIAS members Roger Good, Catherine Pickering, Monica McDonald, Wendy Hill and Andrew Growcock).

Areas around Headley Tarn, Lake Albina, Club Lake and Lake Cootapatamba are unburnt although fire did come up below Albina and Cootapatamba.  The fire burnt along the low alpine areas of Subalpine. I flew most of this on Tuesday with Alec Costin and Dane Wimbush. The centre of the Big Boggy was unburnt although the wooded hills on both sides were burnt/burning. On the northern side of the Thredbo Valley it was burnt to Thredbo then unburnt for a fair way down valley but then burnt again for the rest of the valley.

Up the Kosciuszko Road it is patchily burnt on both sides to Wilsons Valley then burnt both sides to Smiggin Holes and on to Betts Creek on the southern side only. Amazingly the Paralyser area didn't burn. The block from the Guthega Road to the Link Road burned as did the area up over Blue Cow. The Snowy River Valley from Guthega down burned on both sides. The Whites River Valley area burnt patchily although Disappointment Spur was fried. Schlinks Pass to Valentines Firetrail was also patchy with the centre of the valley unburnt. From there to Jagungal, Valentines Creek and around towards Finns Swamp  it was a patchy burn but with about 85% ok.

I am getting Jo Hooper to put some photos on the AIAS website for anyone who is interested.


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